Marie-Josée Lajoie

Delajoie Shar pei since 2006



It all started in 2006 with this little guy... His name was Leo and I've never loved a dog as much as him! He helped me learn a lot about shar peis, even though I've never used him in my breeding program.

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I still dedicate a lot of my time and energy into finding ways to improve this wonderful breed's genetics. I advocate for holistic alternatives and constantly search for new natural products either as food, remedies, supplements or treats.

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I transformed this advocacy into a lifestyle and made it my job by opening my very own retail pet store, where I sell the supply I vouch for. Every single item in my shop correspond exactly to my beliefs and high quality standards. 
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As for shar peis, I'm always looking into ways to control inflammation, mucin and overall health. Even though I show my dogs in competition and follow the breed's standards, my priority and motivation is always to breed healthy dogs that will make great companions. 

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We take every step towards improving pedigrees very seriously.  To learn more about why this matters, go to ''About Shar Peis''.